"A story   Miyazaki  never   made".
"Harry Potter is the book you give your kids when you  want them to  fall  in love  with  reading.... "Dreamer  in the  Falls" is the book you quote when someone you love dies".
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  In a single room house in the middle of Dreamer Village, a young girl, Torm, is working on some mixtures while her sister sleeps. Her sister has caught "Shadow Fever"--a disease known to kill its host within three days, but Torm has managed to keep death away from her sister's door by extracting a mineral from a river nearby. The waters are all sourced from a great waterfall so large, no one has ever made it to the top. On one mysterious day, the Great Falls stopped flowing. Everyone scavenged and saved as much water as possible and a mandatory slumber of Dreamer Village was ordered to preserve themselves in hopes that the rivers start flowing again by the time they woke. Torm sneaks out of Dreamer Village and sets off to the Great Falls, determined to bring the waters back and not only save her sister, but to save her entire world.